1. This is such a great post! Growing as a child, this was always something that my parents taught my siblings and myself. Now that I have a child of my own, I also encourage him to speak up what something isn’t right. And yes, you are right when you said not to force the issue. The child needs to feel comfortable in order for this method to work. Thank you for posting this wonderful article and spreading awareness.

    p.s.-this is something that adults should do too:)

    • Preschool2Teen

      You are so right about adults doing it too!!!!!! 🙂 Sometimes we want to push the issue with our children, but it comes down to knowing your child and asking the right questions. If they feel backed into the corner, they will shut down and not share anything with us.

  2. I worry about this so much for my kids in the future! Right now my 1st grader seems to have safe friends around her, but I’ve heard horror stories about the kids that filter into the middle school she’ll eventually attend. I’m the daughter of a teacher and understand that schools are good and bad and teachers are good and bad, but I haven’t heard anything but negative events surrounding her future school so much so that I want to pay for private school that I can’t really afford just so she doesn’t have to be exposed to that!

    Thanks so much for posting your blog post to the #FanDayFriday Link Party! I hope you have a great experience with the link party and come back again next week! #fdflinkparty

    • Preschool2Teen

      The sad truth is negative events are happening everywhere. I try to teach my children and spread the word of speaking up and standing up for self. Knowing right from wrong and just staying away from negativity. Things may turn around for the school by the time your daughter reaches middle school, but I do understand the worries.

  3. I love this post because it is important to remind your kids that it is okay to speak up for yourself at an early age. My four year old benefits from us talking and sharing feelings. In return, she is able to allow for me and others to understand her likes and dislikes. In her speaking up, I can help her work through her feelings and thoughts using simple yes/no questions along with questions that feature simple 2-3 options attached. This a great article to read, and I am thankful for you sharing this!

    • Preschool2Teen

      We sometimes dismiss our kids at an early age and then when they start school they don’t understand the need to speak up. I’m glad to hear your 4 year old is sharing with you already.

  4. Parenting is a perpetual learning process, We all lean on the job and whether we did a good job of learning as parents manifests in the way our children turn out. The way they are look at by society and how they look at themselves.

    • Preschool2Teen

      Thank you, Jay. Hopefully, my blog will give you food for thought for the day you have a child. There’s so much we don’t think about until we have children and then there’s so many questions to follow.

    • Preschool2Teen

      Thank you. Communication is key with our kids. And knowing their friends is always a must. Friends are big influencers.

  5. Lovely shot of Rabbit Island! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!! I try to do this with my child at home when we have problems at the park or within our homeschool group! Really great suggestions. I often encourage my child to stand up for himself when he encounters negative behaviors.

    Although, I’m always there he does tell me when he is uncomfortable with a situation or person. Which is great I love that open line of communication we are building!

    • Preschool2Teen

      Thank you, I loved the hike. Thank you for stopping by to read. Open communication is started at a young age.

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