Preschool2Teen’s goal is to promote self-esteem, anti-bullying and education in our youth across this world.  Each and every day a child takes their life due to struggling with many emotions, feeling alone, and just down right UNPLEASANT encounters.

We have youth struggling in education because they are afraid to ask for help or just does not have the means to receive the necessary help.

As my family travels due to my husband’s job, I have been blessed to encounter many different lifestyles, economic circumstances, and mindsets.  One thing I can say for certain is that each and every precious little mind deserves a chance to SOAR. Each and every little heart deserves an opportunity to love and be loved.

Let’s come together and help save our children.

I truly believe each and every child deserves a chance.  Many circumstances may hinder a child to put forth 100%, but Preschool2Teen is here to give a little help, hope, and encouragement. Help me in empowering our youth for a successful life.

Know You, Be You, Love You!