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Preschool2Teen is here to assist you with your child to excel in school and life.  We begin working with kids in Prek 4- 5th grade.  Our prek-4 program is to have the child ready to enter kindergarten. We will focus on resighting the alphabet, letter recognition and writing the alphabet.  Name recognition and writing names correctly is also a major focus.  Of course, we will focus on numbers, shapes, colors and phonics.  Most importantly, we WILL have FUN doing it!

Elementary grades we cover basic math facts and strategies to master math.  Many children’s problems in math begin with the basic understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  These four core areas are critical as they begin their educational adventures in more complicated math like Algebra and Calculus.  I know you’re thinking…”YIKES!  She went way to Algebra and Calculus?”  Let me back up, even with working on fractions, multi-digit addition, and subtraction; we must have the basic understanding and some strategies under our belt.

Private Session

Preschool2Teen.com tutoring and enrichment private sessions
Private sessions are great for a student needing individual assistance.  The hour is spent one-to-one with goals set by the parents, child, teacher and myself.  Several packages to choose from with this option:

Six week or 8-week sessions specifically addressing a concern (i.e., mastery of addition facts, sight words, focus, etc.).

Ongoing sessions; we will cover specific concerns as well as working in areas of current classroom work.  This option also includes homework assistance.

Group Sessions

Group tutoring is perfect for kids to learn to work in a team environment. These sessions are also great for enrichment.  This is also a great way to work multi siblings into one session and save yourself some money. Yes, I offer sibling rates.

Group sessions are put together based on grade level and educational need.


 Teletutoring is a private session via the web.  Teletutoring is a great option for past clients that want to continue services or need to touch base with me for a refresher.

This service is also ideal for a random schedule need.  Unless it’s a regularly scheduled time, I may or may not be available.  Please request a day or time in advance to be accommodated.

Payment is due within 24 hours of accepted request.

Please make payment via option below.