Education & Home Organization For Kids

Does it seem like you are talking to a brick wall trying to get your child to clean their room, turn in homework, help with chores, etc?  Maybe your child is getting bad grades in school because their notebooks are a mess and they just don’t know where they put their homework.  Do you need to arrange a homework hub for your house?

This biggest obstacle for kids is being organized on the home front and at school.  Let me help you set up routines to help your child succeed. Preschool2Teen will help make a custom schedule and routine around your household’s schedule.  Sometimes we just need an outsider to take an unbias, nonjudgemental approach to help you set some guidelines, schedules and limitations.

This service can be on location or distance.  As long as you live within my vicinity I am available for in person. Otherwise, we can schedule a phone call or video chat.  Yes, I can put a schedule and routine together for you via video chat.