Preschool2Teen offers services to assist parents and children reach goals to become successful in life; Youth Empowerment. Let’s see how we can work together to take your child(ren), school, or youth group to the next level.  Give our youth the tools and watch them SOAR!  I’m your person for youth empowerment services! 

Tutoring & Enrichment

Are you in need of a little assistance to help your child excel in math or reading? Maybe you have a little one you want to have a jump before entering kindergarten. Is your child bored in class and need a little bit of enrichment?  If you said yes to any of these, click the photo to learn more.

Education & Home Organization For Kids

Do you need a little outside encouragement to help your child get on track?  I can help with that.  Custom planning to meet your child and family’s needs.

Sometimes a little extra help is all that’s needed.  I will work with you and your child to plan a course of action to get on track.

Speaking Engagements

Are you part of a school, church, organization or group looking for some inspiration for your youth in the areas of self-esteem, anti-bullying or education?

I will come to your location and share an engaging presentation to help motivate and encourage your youth.