Sybil delivered a great presentation at our summer camp. Having a very diverse audience between ages 6 and 12, Sybil tied in topics on self-esteem and confidence with education, sports, professional life, and personal life. It is not easy keeping the attention of a large group of children with varying ages, but Sybil’s speech was applicable to each and every kid. Her presentation was both interactive and entertaining, and I truly believe the children felt both empowered and inspired. By the end, we were already asking her about possibly speaking to camp sessions for different age groups. I’d definitely recommend her services and hope to have her for future camp sessions.                                                                                                                    ~Sam K, Camp Administrator

Sybil Jones started Preschool2Teen as a project to promote self esteem for children. She has dedicated hours upon hours to research this topic and provide an all encompassing program to provide a positive impact to the community.
My first experiences with Preschool2teen occurred when my daughter arrived home from school excited about the Anti-bullying campaign. Sybil had spent a week visiting the local elementary to educate the students on the benefits of positive self esteem and ways to discourage bullying behaviors. The resonance of this program became evident as the parents spoke of the positive attitudes their children projected.
Sybil also dedicated a substantial amount of time tutoring the children of friends, neighbor’s and colleagues. Sybil spent countless hours gathering supplies, preparing lesson plans and researching methods of best practices. She built her business from the ground up with a dedication I describe as admirable. Her commitment to her students’ success is nothing short of extraordinary. She tailors each session in an effort to attain maximum success. Sybil understands the most important rule to working with children: they are all different! She uses this knowledge to help each child reach their potential. I know her tenacity will lead her to continue to positively impact those around her.                                                                                         ~R. A. Porter, Parent

My daughter Olivia has a weekly tutoring lesson with Sybil to better prepare her for first grade and to ease the transition to a mainstream school from a Montessori based education.Olivia really looks forward to her time with Sybil because she makes learning fun and engaging. Sybil has an excellent understanding of the way children learn as individuals and uses many resources, tools and tricks of the teaching trade she has gained from her classroom experience. Sybil has a patient, kind and enthusiastic approach to teaching and I know Olivia relishes each lesson and comes away feeling confident and empowered and excited about the things she has learnt. I am incredibly happy with the one to one sessions Sybil provides for Olivia and we will continue with this positive boost to my daughter’s education for the foreseeable future.                                                                                                     ~ Lucy G., Parent

Dear Reader, Let me start off by saying that there aren’t enough word’s to describe how happy we are about Sybil being a part of our daughters learning experience! She is energetic and you definitely can tell she is not doing this for the money, but for the love of helping others. She display’s a patience that I have not seen much with others when it comes to tutoring. She makes it fun and my child definitely loves coming every week. I do not know many tutors, that will take that extra step to communicate with your child’s teacher and she does that with ease. Going with Sybil, I promise you will not regret or be disappointed. You will be wondering, “Why didn’t I find you sooner?”                                                                                                           ~T. Boyd, Parent 

It is with great pleasure I write this letter in support of Ms. Sybil Jones. My daughter, who is in 4th grade, has had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Sybil for the 2015-2016 school year. She has proven to be a very dynamic and hard working woman. Our daughter has learned so much and it has showed in the classroom at school. Sybil keeps things fun and energetic all while focusing on Math facts. She will not rest until she sees improvement in her students. That speaks wonders for her character. I highly recommend Sybil for supplemental academics.
Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter.  ~Julie B, Parent
Julie B.